Catherine and Luis


My husband did a quick tour with Rachel when he was in London for work and so this July when he returned I said I wanted to come along. He contacted Rachel and said that I would be joining him and to see if she could give us a tour while I was here. We arrived on a Saturday and even though we were a bit tired from the flight, Rachel picked us up from our hotel and gave us a highlight tour of London. We saw so much in four hours, but it was well worth it. We were so happy with Rachel that we asked if she could take us to Windsor the very next day and she said sure. She picked us up Sunday morning and we took a nice drive to Windsor stopping in Runnymede, which is where the Magna Carta is said to have been signed. In Windsor Castle we walked through the staterooms and were lucky enough to go into the abbey even though we thought it would be closed because of Sunday services. We enjoyed a quick lunch and then headed back to London. On my last day in London I asked Rachel if she could take me one last place and that was Greenwich. This was such a wonderful tour because this area is near and dear to Rachel since it is in the area where she grew up. The view of London from the Royal Observatory is amazing. Honestly, what makes Rachel\’s tours so special is the personal touches she offers. If you want to see something in particular or in my case, she knew I was an English teacher, she stopped here and there to show me where certain famous authors were from or where they were buried. She knows London and is proud to show you around. She truly made my trip a memorable one.